£69.99 +VAT

£69.99 +VAT

Privacy Package

Ideal for protecting the privacy of your home address and your business needs a prestigious address

What’s Included in the Privacy Package:

Submit your details online and you could be trading within 3 working hours, subject to Subject to completion of all documentation, necessary legal and ID checks as well as Companies House workload and operating hours.

As soon as your company is registered at Companies House you get access to a digital copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association and your Companies House WebFiling Authentication Code.

As soon as your company is registered at Companies House you will be emailed a digital copy version of your share certificate(s), a legal document certifying ownership of shares within a limited company.

Get access to 29 essential templates and forms for your company’s statutory requirements, including a Share Certificate template, J30 Stock Transfer forms, Dividend vouchers, an ABM Appointment of Director and more.

Your First Board Meeting Minutes will be produced for you. This is a legally required document detailing the first resolutions of your company.

This is a secure, digital record of your company details. Save on accountancy fees and use our system to quickly update your company’s information.

Choose one of our banking partners during the incorporation process to get great deals on your business banking. You should have a dedicated bank account for your limited company as it is legally a separate entity.

Receive cashback of up to £100 when you open an account and bank with selected partners. Amount and terms vary by bank. Terms and conditions apply. Once you have opened your account, you can claim your cashback easily via our website.

Registered Office addresses must be in the UK. If you’re an overseas customer and don’t have a UK address, then use ours. Impress your clients with our Central London address.

Use our Central London address for all directors, shareholders, secretaries and people with significant control who want to keep their residential address confidential and off the Companies House public register.

We'll scan and then email your official government mail from Companies House, HMRC and other government agencies free of charge. See FAQs for a full list.

Avoid late filing penalties with email reminders of key dates. Access your company’s documents anytime. Easy management of company, directors and shareholder information.

Got a question about your company? Whether it's before, during or after the incorporation process, we're here to help at all times. Just call, email or chat with us, our UK-based support centre is open 24/7.

Just a simple, online process to form your company. In as little as 5 minutes, you can complete the step by step application that guides you through the required company, director and shareholder information.

Business Start Up Toolkit, including: -Free tax and accountancy consultation -Free website with .com or .co.uk domain name -Discount -Small business start up guide

No surprises here, even the Companies House £50 registration fee is already included in the price.

If you want to use the Registered Office and Service Address after the first year, then this package has an optional annual renewal cost.

Need a Little Extra?

Upgrade to the Comprehensive Package to include:

  • First Year’s Confirmation Statement Filed for You

    Bound Memorandum & Articles

  • First Year’s Confirmation Statement Filed for You

  • Bound Memorandum & Articles

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    Companies House Filing Fee

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    Free Online Admin Portal

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    Unlimited 24/7 support

    We’re here for our customers whenever you need; simply call, email or chat with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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A shareholder is someone who owns shares in a limited company. They own the company along with other shareholders (if there are others).

A subscriber is someone who was a shareholder at the time of the company's incorporation they do not need to remain a shareholder for the lifespan of the business but will always be listed as the initial shareholders/ owners of the company. 

A company Limited by Shares are the most popular type of limited company. They are owned by shareholders and have liability based on the value of the shares issued in the company. They are generally profit driven businesses and will have the suffix LIMITED or LTD at the end of their company name. 

A full guide to companies Limited by Shares can be found here.

Technically speaking, a person of any age can be appointed as a shareholder of a company. However, it is important to note that appointing somebody under the age of 18 may result in some difficulties further down the line: This could be with contract signings, opening of bank accounts, then there is parental settlements and potential capital gains tax. 

We advise speaking to a business advisor or accountant if you are thinking about appointing somebody under the age of 18 as an owner of the business. 

There is no limit to the amount of shares you have issued into your company. You need to have at least one when creating a Limited by Shares company. There are different factors to consider such as the amount of capital needed to be raised, whether there is enough "cash on hand" to cover the amount of capital issued and what stipulations in regards to decision making is listed within the articles of association for the company. 

The default value and amount of shares issued upon incorporation is 1 share at 1 GBP, but this is entirely up to the company. 

If unsure as to how you would like to structure your business, we recommend speaking to a business advisor. 

When forming a private limited company by Shares in the UK, you will need to have the following:

  • Proof of ID & Address
  • Company Name, Company Address and Business Activity
  • Director and Secretary (optional) Details
  • Share Capital and Shareholder Details
  • People with Significant Control (PSC) Details
  • Memorandum and Articles (M&As)

For more information please visit What Details do I Need to Form a Limited Company? (Limited by Shares).

Like the name suggests, the Privacy package was designed to offer a prestigious London office address to provide peace of mind for those that do not want their home address to appear on the public register at Companies House. 

Every Limited company needs a registered office and why not use ours to impress your contacts! 

Read more about the benefits of this package here

The Privacy package includes a number of useful tools and services to help you get started in the right way:

  • Ready to Trade Limited Company - Your application to creating your limited by shares company
  • Registered Office Address - The official correspondence address of your company that is listed on the Companies House register.
  • Directors Service Address - The contact address for your company directors, shareholders and PSCs.
  • Official Government Mail Forwarding - All of your official statutory mail received, emailed and stored securely at no extra charge!
  • Digital Incorporation Documents

For a full breakdown of the Privacy Package and all its features and descriptions please click here

Yes. If you want to continue to use our Registered Office and Officer Service Address after the first year, then you can renew it for another year. We will email you when it is coming up to the end of the first year to check in with you. 

The renewal price can be found on this link (login required). 

Purchasing this package entitles you to use our address:

20 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

The Registered Office service included in the Privacy Package entitles mail from all UK official Government bodies (such as Companies House, HMRC, ICO etc.) to be received at our address; we will scan and email these items to you as well as store them securely on your online account so you can view at any time, free of charge. 

All limited companies have the ability to update where their Registered Office is located. This can be done at any time during the lifespan of the business. 

However, the Registered Office can only be updated to a location within the country they are registered in. This (at this moment in time) cannot be changed. Please see the table below for a visual explanation. 

Registered Office Location
(At Time of Formation)

Country Registered In Can Update Address To Any Address Within
England England and Wales England and Wales
Scotland Scotland Scotland
Wales Wales Wales
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Our service is therefore available to anybody that is thinking about registering a company in England (& Wales) or already has a limited company registered in England. 

A Registered Office is required for all UK Limited Companies.  

The Registered Office address will:

  • Appear on the public register at Companies House for all to view. 
  • Be sent Government mail* to this address and must be obtainable by the company.
  • Keep statutory registers here unless a SAIL address is provided.

Our Registered Office Service can be used in order to protect the privacy of your home address.

*Please click on the link to see the list of accepted documents.

For more information please see What is a Registered Office?

Yes! We offer our Registered Office service within the majority of our formation packages. Bundled together with a discounted fee, check it out here!

Yes, you can change the address of your Registered Office at any time after setting up a company, but it must always remain within the same country. If you change your Registered Office address, you must notify Companies House immediately and take steps to ensure all business stationery, correspondence and your company website clearly display the new Registered Office address.

Yes, you can use our Registered Office address as your service (correspondence) address. If you are a company director, secretary, person of significant control or shareholder and wish to keep your residential address private, the purchase of the Registered Office address service allows you to to do just that!

The people that are required to provide ID will be the account holder, the director's and the People with Significant Control (PSCs). This is line with legislation that everyone considered having significant influence or control over a company and thus are the important decision makers will need to be ID checked. 

Companies House will be enforcing this as of Late 2023 through the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023

All officers of a company must be ID verified prior to an application (or request) being sent across to Companies House for approval.

With the help of Credas' digital ID software, our free online ID check is very simple to complete. You will just require:

  • Government-issued photo ID, i.e. passport or driving licence (not expired)
  • Proof of residential address issued with the last 3 months / annual statement, i.e. bank statement, utility bill, etc
  • A device with the ability to take a live selfie such as a webcam or camera phone.

During the online ID verification, Credas' facial recognition technology will check if you are present and determine whether your face (selfie) matches the photo on your ID.

For a full guide please visit Proof of ID and Address Requirements [Comprehensive Guide].

We have a number of different articles available to assist you with troubleshooting any problems you may have. Please view them on the following link:

ID Troubleshooting

Any other queries or assistance required, please contact our ID Compliance team at [email protected].


  • Select ‘I need to verify ID for someone else'.
  • Enter the email address of the officer being verified and click the Send validation link button.
  • An email with the validation link has now been sent to the officer’s email address. The officer must open the link and follow the on-screen instructions to verify their identity.

For a full walkthrough please visit here

We will be unable to activate or provide any services to customers (or companies) unable to complete our ID checks. 

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